Business Planning


Carter, Dougherty & McGuire provide valuable legal and tax services for its business clients. In today’s ever complicated world, it is essential that businesses and enterprises take advantage of the available legal tools so as to maximize economic returns and minimize potential liabilities. The Firm has a solid history of providing legal business services all the way from the formation stage through dissolution. More specifically, we have expertise and experience in the following:

Formative Stage

  • Entity Selection: Deciding which entity is best suited for the client’s needs (Corporation, Limited Liability Company, Limited Partnership or General Partnership)
  • Tax Elections: Deciding whether to elect S status for the Corporation, or Pass-Through status for the LLC
  • Charter Documents: Preparation of all documents necessary for the formation of the entity and the filing of all charter documents and related documents with applicable governmental agencies
  • Buy Sell Agreements: Preparation of agreements amongst the owners of the entities documenting issues such as succession of management, transfer restrictions during lifetime and at death, buy-sell arrangements.

Operative Stage

  • Legal Compliance: Preparation of annual minutes for Corporations and filing of required annual statements
  • Contracts: Review and/or preparation of various legal contracts
  • Purchase of Business and/or Ownership Interests: Review and/or preparation of agreements for the acquisition of a business or additional ownership interests in the entity
  • Lease Review: Review of real property leases

Termination Stage

  • Preparation and review of Letter of Intent to sell the business or entity
  • Advice and guidance on the terms of sale and the tax effects
  • Preparation and/or review of all documents involved in the sale of the business
  • Preparation of all dissolution documents and required filings with appropriate governmental agencies.